Cost Control

Telecom Cost Reduction

Why pay more than you have to?

Our clients consistently save 40%-60% on their annual telecom costs without having to change their suppliers. To date we’ve helped negotiate over 1000 cost-saving deals for them.

We can do the same for you. First we’ll determine your needs, and then we’ll tap into our extensive database built on market intelligence to find the ideal plan. Our rapid solutions and negotiations mean you’ll enjoy reduced telecom costs quickly.

No savings, no fee, no risk.

Engaging us is risk-free.

We don’t receive payment until you actually begin to see savings on your bill. If we don’t find you savings, you don’t pay a fee.

It’s as simple as that.

The Reset

Telecom Expense Management

Save money, time, resources, and your bottom line with 2 levels of TEM:

Level 1:

Ongoing Cost Control & Optimization

Let us help tie all your plans together with a nice tidy bow. You'll receive an easy-to-read customized view of your accounts, vendors, and individual services every month, to help keep you on top of your telecom expenses.

Our ongoing billing audits will help ensure that you're operating at maximum efficiency on the telecom front. Our ongoing feedback on opportunities for improvement helps free up your resources to focus on something more important: growing your business.

Level 2:

Ongoing Cost Control, Optimization & Fully Outsourced Management

Our total telecom management works around the clock so you don't have to. After all, don't you have better things to do?

We are your Telecom Helpdesk.

Benchmarking Capabilities

Our software has powerful benchmarking capabilities that compare industry telecom rates by vendor and by company size and region, for the following services:



  • Local LinkBusiness Lines/1FL
  • Megalink
  • Centrex
  • ISDN Services
  • PBX/PRI’s
  • Conferencing
  • Toll-Free
  • Fax Lines
  • Long Distance
    (Domestic & International)




Our expert negotiators, knowledge and databases allow us to gain the best possible deals.

We negotiate credits for billing errors, for roaming and data charges that are excessive and out of control, and we find inappropriate charges that are often difficult to identify on your monthly bills. There are savings on your internal administrative costs. We do all the detailed work allowing your staff to focus on higher-value tasks related to your core business. The speed with which we can get results - you will enjoy reduced telecom costs many months ahead of schedule because of our expertise and skills in rapid negotiation. It truly is a service that pays for itself.

No problem. Our experience shows we will still likely be able to find major savings because of our independent negotiating position. We know what you SHOULD be paying and will work collaboratively with your supplier to ensure that the right deals are put in place.

If we can’t save you a significant amount, we’ll let you know right away in order to avoid any unnecessary work. Our fees are success-based so we only benefit when we find major savings for you.


We aim to reduce costs while retaining existing levels of service. In some cases companies are paying huge amounts of money for services they never use and don’t need. If this is the case we’ll point this out and allow you to gain extra savings. But our aim is to find cost savings with all existing services in place.

No changes to your accounts are made without your approval.

We work in a way that aims to find win-win solutions. Though much of our work is focused on getting suppliers to charge you less for the service you receive, this is done collaboratively in a fact-based way. We point out to your suppliers exactly where you are NOT being served well by current pricing or account structures, and suggest solutions.

The results are lower costs for you, and a better level of customer service from your supplier. From their perspective the “win” is that you will end up being a more satisfied customer, advancing the cause of client retention.

Scale is no problem. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of accounts with different providers, or are a small business needing to manage a handful of lines, we will be able to help.