Our company.

We’re a privately-held Canadian company with more than fourteen years experience in the sector, so we know what you should be paying for the services you need. Our main focus is to reduce Telecom expenses resulting from billing errors, overcharging and inefficient Telecom contracts, and the burden of excessive administration requirements. We use our deep knowledge, proprietary software, and strong supplier relationships to help find you the most cost-effective solutions to meet your needs; we also help manage these needs on an ongoing basis. Our rapid solutions and negotiations mean you’ll enjoy reduced telecom costs and improved service quickly.

Unbiased expert advice.

Unlike some of our competitors, CMC+CO isn’t affiliated with any telecom supplier, nor do we receive any payments from them. This enables us to offer 100% unbiased advice while engaging in completely independent negotiations on your behalf. Talk to us about your Telecom Expense Management needs. We’ll work collaboratively to reduce your costs while sustaining or improving your levels of service, or you don’t pay. Guaranteed.

Powered by TelCapta®.

The TelCapta® system, developed directly from client need, monitors billing information on a line-by-line basis in a way that is virtually impossible using spreadsheets or "pencil and paper" methods. TelCapta® integrates with Telco supplier reporting tools in a way that can be managed in real-time. Usage-and-cost data is kept up to date on a monthly basis, while online changes are in real-time upon implementation. We’ve been developing the system over the past seven years with continuous client feedback. The goal is to enable organizations to free up valuable manpower for higher priority business tasks. It’s built on the Salesforce.com platform, providing best-in-class security and leading-edge technology capabilities.